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"After being referred to Maureen for Cranial Sacral Therapy for my non-verbal 4 year-old son with Autism,   I was pleasantly surprised at his positive response to   her warm and calming personality.  Within ten minutes of meeting her and a little cranial sacral work, he was extremely happy and almost drawn to her!"

"Also, I mentioned that I had Bell's Palsy as a 3 year old which temporarily paralyzed a major nerve in the left side of my face.  For the past 32 years, I still had a lingering drooping of my smile and a slight twitching on the left side of my face every time I blinked.  Maureen held the outer edges of my ears for about a minute, and that nerve on my face started really twitching!  After it quickly subsided and she performed about 10 minutes of additional Cranial Sacral Therapy on me, I felt more relaxed for the rest of the day than I could remember feeling for a LONG time!"


"The best part of the story is that I noticed an immediate "evening-out" of my smile and a significant decrease in

the twitching while I blinked.  My husband also mentioned that he noticed that side of my mouth was moving more when I spoke.  So far these results have remained!  Since my son is unable to tell me how he feels from the Cranial Sacral Therapy, so this helped to verify that there is definitely "something to this"!  I look forward to the changes we both will continue to experience!"


"Since starting Cranial Sacral therapy with Maureen in May 2008, my son has shown improvement in many areas.  Jackson has gotten much stronger physically and has better motor control.  He has better posture, going up stairs with more strength in legs and back, able to climb up onto seats more easily, he can open door knobs and will kick a ball.  Jackson is now able to focus longer on watching videos and recently has been able to sit for a few minutes independently at school to complete task work.  He is now following some one step commands.  His sensory overload has gotten better including that he not only tolerates but enjoys his baths.  Also, he is not upset when brothers play roughly near him or are loud.  Socially, Jackson will reciprocate hugs with brothers and recently brought me a book to read to him for the first time ever!  His communication is improving where he is now consistently waving and giving people hi-fives, he is trying to nod his head and very recently pulling our hands to take him to what he wants.  He is exploring new things in his environment like water in the sinks and showing interest in different toys."


My son (10yr old Aspergers Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, borderline cognitively impaired) has had 4 sessions of Cranial Sacral Massage with Maureen.
At the outset, I admit I was skeptical about what might be achieved. Immediately I was impressed with Maureen's ability to connect with my son. To "meet him where he was", and leverage his keen desire to learn to ride a skate board (as if !!!!!!).
After the first three sessions we noticed a measurable improvement in his ability to attend in his classroom, with his motor planning and coordination, and with his hand writing.
Since his fourth session, he was for the first time able to sequence a story (6parts!) about a trip we took at Christmas time.
Needless to say, my optimism is soaring, and I look forward to seeing him taking off on that skateboard!
Maureen, Thank you, and as my son would say "YOU ROCK!"

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