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Focus Point Therapy, LLC

Focus Point Therapy is an independent occupational therapy clinic treating individuals of all ages with difficulty in a variety of health issues.

At Focus Point Therapy, every client is treated with the respect they deserve, and we take as much time as needed in order to really get to know our clients. When you choose Focus Point Therapy, be assurred that you are more to us than just another client.

Maureen takes time with every client to make sure that each person's experience here is the best that it can be. She takes into consideration the whole person, and pays attention to every detail.

Maureen has been an Occupational Therapist for 35 years. 

In addition to traditional therapies, she has incorporated the use of CranioSacral techniques, Therapeutic Listening, and the         advanced brain training technology Interactive Metronome.


Maureen E. Palmer, MS, OTRL

25811 W. 12 Mile Rd. Suite 207

Southfield, MI  48034

Phone: (248)356-7415

Fax: (248)356-7416

Therapies for Infant - Adult

Mission Statement:

Focus Point Therapy is dedicated to children and adults who need assistance reaching their full occupational potential.  We at Focus Point Therapy, continue to seek to find new ways to help individuals succeed at whatever they attempt to achieve in all stages of life.  We look for change agents that help the brain mature, develop and integrate the sensory processing systems of the brain and body.  We seek knowledge, training and experience of new developments in the sciences.


Phone: (248) 356-7415

Fax: (248)356-7416

25811 W. 12 Mile Rd.

Suite 207

Southfield, MI  48034

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